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Title: Bridge deer count
Post by: chum bucket on December 20, 2017, 04:53:38 PM
I was just wondering how the Mackinaw bridge deer count went this year.  I went to the bridge authority web site.
2016-1977 Deer.
2017-2991 Deer.
Up 51%.
Title: Re: Bridge deer count
Post by: little buddy on December 21, 2017, 01:27:22 AM
Prolly 800 spikes roll()
Title: Re: Bridge deer count
Post by: chum bucket on December 21, 2017, 07:31:27 PM
Just makes you wonder when the DNR will start with mandatory registration of all deer going south over the bridge. Then they start testing them all for CWD?
Title: Re: Bridge deer count
Post by: Dire Wolf on December 27, 2017, 06:37:53 AM
This is from a conversation I had with Terry Minzey at a UP Habitat Work Group Meeting; there is growing pressure from both private and Federal forester partners on the MDNR Wildlife Division to develop a population estimation model that accurately captures deer numbers on the landscape. Or, as one forester put it: As we go forward and restore winter deer complex habitat, stabilizing deer numbers and density throughout the peninsula, what does "Good" look like? In other words; as we improve carrying capacity of winter habitat, what is the recovery goal number for deer on the landscape we should be shooting for? Also, what is over population with respect to habitat within a management unit?

There are two efforts being directed at this goal; short-term, there is a DMU specific radio collar survey that is being developed that will enable MDNR personnel to gain dispersal and movement values on a seasonal basis within a series of DMUs. The collars are nearly all purchased. The other initiative will be a mandatory on-line registration program for hunters to register their kill.

If you go to the MDNR website within Mich.gov.com, you can find a county-by-county statewide map that lists numbers of deer tested for CWD.  There is currently a test kit shortage, so there is a lag-time between current values, most within or near known CWD foci sites, and the values tabulated on the map.

There was an interesting series of postulations within a thread I read on a Michigan hunt/fish website under the CWD thread that inferred that CWD was being transferred into the lower peninsula from deer killed in Wisconsin, through the U.P.  It even had had a hand-drawn map connecting known sites in Wisconsin with those in lower Michigan!  The only thing missing was evidence to support the poster's contention...

You are probably not far off on the spikehorn kill. I passed on either four or five 1.5YO bucks (don't if a fork horn was the same deer or another forkhorn) through 21 days of gun and black powder season, including on three point that wandered up to me out of a clear-cut, drawn in by my headlamp beam. After I heard something walking parallel me about forty yards out, I stopped walking, he turned and walked right up to me and stopped at about 25 feet, moving his head from side-to-side to try and figure-out what I was prior walking away! He showed up on a camera about a half-mile away from that spot three days later.
Title: Re: Bridge deer count
Post by: Redrover on December 27, 2017, 12:21:30 PM
Before deer season some clear cutting ocurred in the vast seas of  featureless red pine by the Rpaid River Truck Trail. I am cautiously optimistic.

The land around Autrain Basin however, was taken over by the state.
I asked, since the area is managed as a waterfowl area, will the old growth which surrounds the lake be replaced with waterfowl and upland game friendly species which would also benefit deer. So far I have received two answers which have been "subpar."
Title: Re: Bridge deer count
Post by: Dire Wolf on December 28, 2017, 08:36:33 AM
Senator Casperson has to take the responsibility for much of the delay as well as the financial "limbo" of that parcel and its purchase. The State had moved to purchase the parcel with Nat. Res. Trust Funds dispersals when Casperson's legislative initiative was enacted, which stalled the transaction and put management efforts on hold...