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Title: South Shore Fishing Association- Mission Statement, Contacts, & Website Info
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The purpose of South Shore Fishing Association is to help protect and promote the sport fishery on Lake Superior's south shore.  If you are interested in learning more about SSFA, our events, or are interested in becoming a member or Corporate Sponsor you can visit our website by clicking here www.southshorefishing.com
President: Andy Allan dallanmasonry@yahoo.com
Vice President: Reid DeRosie superiorsportfishing@hotmail.com
Recorder: Ken Ohman ncdisposal@gmail.com
Treasurer: Mylan Koski  ssfa2002@yahoo.com

Bill Flanigan  bfshamrock6@gmail.com
Burt Harris  burtawa@yahoo.com
Scott Harris  scottyb2004@hotmail.com
Dave Stiglich stiggs00@gmail.com
Eric Uimari  tate72@charter.net