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Lake Superior / Marquette Breakwalls
« on: November 29, 2017, 11:41:36 AM »
I have a question.

Aren't the Upper and Lower Harbor break walls also meant as an emergency dock for ships in trouble?

I remember in the eighties it was 15 feet of water along them and there were ship cleats on the Lower Harbor Break wall.

Now these inside these walls are filled with sand and rock is actually being piled along the inside where a ship might dock in an emergency creating a true cluster for someone to answer to in the eventuality of an emergency.

This would be a perfect federal infrastructure project

or does Readers Digest have to be brought in so it can be dredged correctly like Grand Marais?

Classifieds/Buy/Sell / TAURUS TRACKER in .45 COLT
« on: August 04, 2017, 11:56:39 AM »
Taurus Tracker in .45 Colt.
• Excellent Condition
• Comes with loaded (Lead and XTP) ammo
• Lee Four Die set
• Holster
• Extra Set of Houge Grips

All for $400

nine zero six Four eight Five - four three zero four
Ask for Martin

Off Topic / California water
« on: February 17, 2017, 03:16:34 PM »

With all the rain and excess water you would think there would be better ways to store that water such as empty reservoirs that sit dormant until a huge amt of water hits and can be diverted when there is overflow

You would probably get strung up now for dropping by and pouring a bucket of lake superior water into one of these flooded reservoirs.

Lake Superior / Days gone by - Old newspaper article
« on: November 07, 2016, 12:44:47 PM »
Old article from 1985
DNR selling coho fishing in Marrquette and the NEW Pike fishery on Dead River Basin.


Off Topic / Interesting...
« on: October 28, 2016, 09:11:33 AM »
Lot of great sports this weekend.

Game of the week?

Gwinn VS Iron Mountain.

I predict a barnburner.

Walleye / Inland waters cisco and their ways
« on: September 21, 2016, 12:51:34 PM »
Does anyone know a good source of information regarding the habits, food, spawning tems and anything else regarding inland lake ciscos?

Lake Superior / Possible unmarked net in Lower Harbor
« on: April 15, 2016, 09:26:51 AM »
Thursday I watched a boat putting out a net by the green bouy on the Carp River side.

I thought they might have been pulling it but last evening a boat was going forward and backward so I am going to say it is there and unmarked and laying in just in from the bouy and on an angle away from the tip of the breakwall.

Now this is an obvious navigation hazzard to those in boats that is unmarked.

isnt this considered littering like and with the new DNR CO coverage like up at the Garlic shouldnt it be pulled ?

Be careful

Ice Fishing / Best for Burbot?
« on: March 06, 2015, 01:55:50 PM »
Never have caught many, mostly by accident, but definitely like them.

What are the best techniques, times, lures, structure etc you have found successful?

Ice Fishing / MTU area question
« on: January 15, 2015, 08:42:05 AM »
My son is going to tech and I want to go up there ice fishing with him.
I would like to know a few decent lakes for perch or pike.

I remember fising Otter lake? in the 80s. Caught one pike and super weedy.

You can just message me if its too secret.

Thank you in advance.

Ice Fishing / a worm that is waxy
« on: October 19, 2014, 08:49:16 PM »
does anyone carry waxworms yet?

« on: May 23, 2014, 12:23:50 PM »
What kind of training mission flies within 150 feet of the south beach power plant and over schoolkids in Alger County?

probably Tom Clancy type business.


Off Topic / Good Luck!
« on: April 14, 2014, 02:56:38 PM »
I know its a shot in the dark here...

but if there are any UPAngler members who are taking part and play in the Stanley Cup Tournament.

Good luck and shoot straight!

Gun Talk / Fort Hood II
« on: April 04, 2014, 01:06:09 PM »
Should soldiers 18 yrs + be allowed to carry on base?

Should college students  18 yrs + be allowed to carry on campus?

Should citizens  18 yrs + be allowed to carry?

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