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Boat and Tackle Setups / Re: HDS-5 chip question
« on: June 18, 2010, 01:04:18 PM »
I have an HDS-5 that I bought new in 09'.  On that model in 09' you could choose between an "HDS-5 Nautic" or "HDS-5 Insight"; the difference being Nautic=Oceans and Great Lakes Maps, while Insight=Inland Lakes Maps.  Keeping that in mind, and someone please correct me if I am wrong, but I always understood Navionics Hot Maps (Plat or Prem) contained only inland lakes, while the Navionics Gold or Plat chips had the Ocean and Great Lakes info on them.  They used to separate the GL Maps into Eastern and Western too, though a quick look just now at navionic's website says they seem to have changed that now too. Nonetheless, Navionics website is divided into four sections, "Marine" (Oceans and Great Lakes), "Lake" (Inland Lake Maps), followed by "Outdoor", and "Mobile".  I could be wrong, but you may want to contact Navionics to ask them directly what chip covers what water.  I've asked retail store clerks what maps covered what lakes before and I've always gotten different answers.  The extent of their knowledge regarding the maps seemed to be about as much as you could read on the outside of the box, which doesn't tell you a whole lot.  Before you lay down a couple hundred bucks on a chip that may not have the info you want and then have a store give you crap about not being able to return opened computer software, you may want to call Navionics directly. Just my two cents.

Lake Superior / Re: Upper Harbor Ghost Net REMOVED!
« on: May 24, 2010, 05:07:30 PM »
That's great news! The Happy Hour hooked the net while fishing on Saturday evening.  With a little bit of quick thinking from our Capt. and some quick hands we were able to get the downrigger cable tied off to a sacraficial life vest to mark the spot and get the coordinates down on the GPS.  I called Heather on Saturday night from the boat and she called me back first thing on Sunday to gather more information about the incident.  I should note that she called me back more than once to make sure she got through, and when she could not locate the net early this morning/afternoon, she called back asking for more details to try to find the net (i.e. she didn't give up).  Sounds like she got some on-the-water help from the SSFA.  Great work everyone!  Thank you all.  Can I get my gear back now?  :dance:

Lake Superior / Re: WARNING GHOST NET
« on: May 23, 2010, 08:45:47 PM »
I received a prompt return call from Heather.  She is heading out tomorrow to retrieve the net. She indicated she would attempt to return the lost gear. Furthermore, she was very appreciative to get GPS coordinates and thanked us for leaving a marker for them to find. Hopefully she'll get the net fully removed.

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