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Lake Michigan / 2 Kings--1 Fisherman
« on: July 31, 2012, 09:27:52 PM »
This was a night I will be thinking about this November while sitting in a tree, and probably for the rest of my life.  I didnt break any size records or anything, but its been a while since I have been on Lake Michigan solo for Kings.  Being totally exausted from a week of straight fishing, I ended up with an afternoon off.  I really needed a break.  So to relax, I decided to...go fishing   :rock:  I ran 16 miles from port, to waters I have never fished in my life, to just try something new and try to learn a new area.  While there was 71 degree surface water at Barques as well as this location, I had 52 degrees, 30' down in 65' of water, while on the bottom at Barque in 100' was 62 degrees. I finally found my pocket of ice water I had been searching for.(Didnt stay like that for the derby..)   There were 20+ trucks in the launch parking lot that night, but I never seen another boat for the 5 hours I was fishing.

I ran 1 SWR Rigger, 1 Flasher/Fly Rigger, and 1 Slide Diver with a spoon.  Deepest rod was 35' down.  I ended the evening at 9:30 p.m. going 6 for 10 after releasing a shaker. (God bless my Furuno Auto Pilot!) This video is of the first 2 fish of the evening.  I was extra excited because I had no idea if I would even find a fish down there just chasing water temps. Better yet, I have more than 500 Jimmy Buffett songs on the Ipod, yet the second fish of the double hits the Flasher/Fly rigger at the EXACT second that my absolute favorite JB song starts.  Life is good my friends  :beer:

 I'll save the video of me losing one about 14lbs. at the net, then boating my biggest of the night, a 15.5lber, until January  wink()  

The Captains night off...   :beer:

Lake Superior / Superior Sunrises 6-29 thru 7-2
« on: July 02, 2012, 06:37:32 PM »
Incase ya slept in...  wink()

--This was this morning, leaving the lower harbor   :dance:

--And just incase you thought all the Lakers had moved deep near Marquette... wink()  7/2/12

--A "Superior" kind of Lake Trout!

Off Topic / Suckers/Cut Bait?
« on: June 24, 2012, 07:38:25 AM »
Anybody have any Suckers in their freezer, river, or otherwise??   My bag with 10 suckers in it seemed to somehow be left out of the fridge and sat in the garage all day yesterday...yea, real nice!

My backup plan, Thills, has none and said they have had less suckers this year so far than ever.

Anybody have access to a few for me??  :beer:

Lake Superior / Stannard Rock 6-23-12
« on: June 24, 2012, 07:32:27 AM »
After a few Rock runs this week, the bite remains pretty good out there in the shallows.  Water temps out there now are in the mid 50's on the surface, but still mid 40's below 40' down.  We started North of the light yesterday in the 75-120 range on the structure.  We found fish stacked up pretty well and had no trouble getting bit.  But we just couldnt seem to get the big fish to bite out there.  There were plenty of "followers", but they just wouldn't go.  We then moved closer to the Light, near the 18' reef.  Oh my god...the bugs were INSANE!  Probably as bad as I have ever seen it before.  Taking a breath without getting a mouthfull was impossible...and same goes for the Lakers!  We kinda figured out why they werent very hungry out deep...stomaches were packed full with bugs.  There were fish feeding on the surface all around us, with a couple fish coming right out of the water!  The bite near the Lighthouse was nuts!  We were pretty much tripled up for 2 hours up there, and we found some pretty solid fish there as well.  Nothing big, but quite a few in the mid-teens.  Between the 5 of us we boated over 60 fish yesterday, with that number probably being closer to 80 fish, but we lost count after 60!  A good chunk of them were between 3-6lbs, but they were scrappy in the shallow waters on spoons.  Only 2 other boats out there all day, and dead calm water for the whole trip made it a great day, even if we all ate 5lbs. of bugs to make it happen!

No seriously....they were stacked up!  :rock:

Lake Superior / Holy Seiche!!
« on: June 20, 2012, 03:02:09 PM »
Munising Bay Seiche...  shock()

Lake Superior / Stannard Rock DINOSAUR!
« on: June 17, 2012, 12:27:46 PM »
With the forcast yeasterday calling for increasing winds after noon, we decided an early start was in order.  Left the dock just after 3 a.m. Saturday and headed North with a crew of great fisherman and friends to cause some carnage...and carnage they would cause!  Fished for about an hour before the sun came up near the Lighthouse, and then went hunting.  With a Northeast breeze to start the day, then straight East for a couple hours, then to the Southeast for the ride home, I think it may have effected the bite some.  We still boated about 25-30 fish in 6 hours, but for the amounts we were marking in some spots, we should have had twice that many.  But the cooler came home clean, as we only kept 1 fish.  Kinda nice not cleaning any fish after a Stannard Rock trip!

Then all hell broke loose when we heard Josh and Bo start screamin!  Ill let Josh tell that story!  Though it ended with the biggest Laker ever aboard the RELENTLESS!  :rock:  Over a dozen fish on my boat in the last couple years between 30-32ish, but its tough to break that number for me.  Enter the 249er! 

I give Josh all the credit in the world.  From the time we netted this fish, he intended to release it as soon as possible.  We snapped a few quick pics and got him back in the water within a minute. 

With the surface temps still about 45 degrees, we really thought he had a good chance.  Josh spent over 25 minutes bent over the side of the boat trying to revive the fish.  He just wouldn't come around.  After his hands went totally numb from the cold water and the fish showed no sign of getting better, he decided to bring him back onboard and put him on the wall.  The good thing was, now we could get an exact weight on him and a few more good pics before we wrapped him up in Borax and prepped him for the taxidermist.

This is what the graph looked like when Josh hooked his fish...  :rock:

Though we didnt measure him, he made my 140qt. cooler look kinda small...

34 lbs! 

Thankfully, we also captured most of the fight on video!  Here is a true testament to the strength of a Gander Mountain Guide Series fishing rod!  Pretty sure it was bending all the way down inside the cork handle!  The entire fight took about a half hour, and when the fish bit there was less than 20' of line between the rod tip and the spoon!  Without someone on the rod like Josh with patience and knowledge to just let the fish go, and dont try to stop him, this fish would have never made it to the boat.

Enjoy  :beer:  And Congrats Josh on the Fish of a Lifetime!  :beer:

Boat and Tackle Setups / Mikes Eye Fly Meatrig Hooksets
« on: June 14, 2012, 10:14:48 AM »
I have had quiet a few people ask me about redoing the hooksets on their Meat Rigs, and how I do it.  I know many guys who use a rig until the line is all messed up near the hooks, then they toss it for another one.  I know many of the popular meat rigs around here (big weenie, big lake tackle, etc..) dont have changeable hooksets.  I stole the idea from John King(Manistee) and his meat rigs.  Just cut the meatrig behind the last teaser fly and tie in a barell swivel, like pictured below.  Then when the hooks get bent up or broken, or the line gets to be worn out, you can just cut it off at the swivel and tie on a new leader and hookset.  I always have a minimum of 2 meat rigs below my boat in Lake Michigan, and with the violent strikes they take, and the bigger than average fish they catch, the hooksets really  take a beating.

I talked to Mike about how I was using his double fly hooksets to replace my worn meat rig sets, by just sliding the meathead onto the leader above his double-singles.  As Mike always does...he LISTENED TO HIS CUSTOMERS and GIVES THEM WHAT THEY WANT!  So he shows up at my boat with his new version of his hooksets with double 5/0 singles.  These have a "sliding snell" single hook up front, and a trailer behind.  So now when you slide the new meathead onto the leader, you can use the first hook"the slider", to posistion the baithead where you want to stop it on the leader, instead of using a toothpic or something to hold it into place.  I also like being able to adjust the distance from the first hook to the second.  Sometimes I am running a single short strip, or double strips, or really long strips, or whole alewife/herring, etc....  This allows me to use the same hookset and have the ability to adjust exactly where it sits, nice and easy.  So once again, Mike has given this fisherman exactly what I needed....at a great price, and in Marquette!   :beer:


Lake Michigan / Fairport 6/6 p.m.
« on: June 07, 2012, 12:46:13 PM »
One heck of a crazy evening aboard the "Hot Pursuit" last night!  Thanks again guys for the opportunity to join you!  I needed that!  :beer:

I'll leave the fishing report up to the Captain and the first mate, but I figured I would chip in this short video of PURE CHAOS! Note the rod in the middle holder with no one to grab it!  4 bites within 30 seconds.  3 REALLY big tangles. 1 EXTREMELY big pile of fishing line on the deck. And all 4 Kings in the boat!  Good times boys!  :rock:

Lake Michigan / BoBo Killin the Kings
« on: June 06, 2012, 11:21:05 AM »
This video is sure to make the rest of the work day really drag by....  Watch at your own risk!  wink()

After 30 minutes without a bite, Bo says "here John, put this old a** CD in...it always catches fish".  Before I got the CD in the player and the camera turned on, ZZZZZZZZZ...   Fish on!  This fish was a prick forsure!  Had him within 75' of the boat for 5 minutes and couldn't get him to give up.  

 :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:

Lake Michigan / An Angry Lake Michigan!
« on: June 05, 2012, 06:44:31 PM »
This will either make you sea-sick, or just want to go fishing even more  :rock:

Like everything else, the video dosn't do the water justice!  I was struggling to make 12kts. in my Tiara for most of the run... It was choppy!

The things we do to catch fish.....

Crank it up!  :rock:

Lake Superior / Marquette Fish Cleaning Station
« on: June 05, 2012, 01:58:23 PM »
Just a heads up...

The station is now up and running, and should work a lot better with the new lift pump installed.  The pump out station in the marina works 3 times as fast as it used to with the old lift pump.

I decided to buy and donate a couple of different scrub brushes as well as a few gallons of cleaner for the station. I am also going to buy a new hose for the washdown.  I know many of us have noticed how NASTY that thing gets when nobody ever cleans it...and I think part of the problem was there wasn't anything there to use to clean it.  Well, now there is!  We were going to use some kind of lanyard on the brushes so they dont just "get up and walk away"... but the marina staff wants to try it without it first.  It will make it easier to use them if they are not attached to the station.  The station in Manistique is always gleaming white because they have tools there to clean up after yourself.  They dont seem to have a problem with the brushes dissapearing, so hopefully we wont either...

Its up to us to "police" it ourselfs.  Lets keep it clean....its there for us to use!  Its been proven...no one else will keep it clean for us!  When it gets to a point like it did last year where it was to dirty to even clean fish on...then we have a problem.

I am there about everyday so I will keep an eye on things to some extent, and I will keep the spray bottles full of cleaner....as long as they dont dissapear!  Lets take care of this thing, because its the only one we have!   :beer:

Lake Michigan / Manistique Report 5/31-6/3
« on: June 04, 2012, 09:15:24 AM »
Spent a few days down in Mano and....  This sh*t is crazy!  I cant belive the Kings that are being caught between there and FP already this year!  I am actually wore out after only 6 trips out, though the mostly nasty, wet, and rough weather didnt help either.  Thursday night was the best weather all weekend, and there were only 2 of us on board(could have used 2 more!) Friday morning was probably the best action of the weekend, with 17 Kings in the boat by 8:30a.m., and only a few under 10lbs.  3 triples(all made it into the box), and multiple doubles kept us pretty busy!  Friday night was pretty good action, but thats when the weather started to turn for the worse.  Saturday was snotty forsure....but action was still pretty good.  We ran out in 3 footers, fished in 4 footers, and ran back into 5 footers, all topped off with a 20+mph North wind and downpours.  And as was the case for most, Sunday really slowed down for us with our smallest catch of the weekend having only 5 Kings and 2 Steelies.  

All weekend, our best depths were 90-110', and we stayed mostly ENE of the can all weekend.  We fished shallower(45-75') and found nothing except smaller fish and colder water, and deeper(out to 170') we found nothing at all.  With the exception of Sunday, water temps were great!  52-54 on the surface and 49-52 at the ball(usually 30-60 down).  90% of our fish, and almost all the bigger ones, came below the 40' mark.  Leadcore was pretty dead, especially in the evenings.  Riggers and Divers(Wire and Slide) were the best rods.  SWR run about 10-15 feet off the bottom was the biggest stud for the weekend, with either a Mag Silver Streak Superman or a Moonshine RV Flounder.  A close second was the Meat on Wire.  White/Blue rigs behind Blue Falshers were the best behind Magnum Dipsys, usually run about 150'+ out. Riggers with Spin Doctors and Mikes Eye Flys took a ton of hits as well, along with 2 of our biggest fish.  White/Blue Spinnie with the "Oil Slick" Eye Fly was HOT...until a King took it away from me!  Slide Divers with the MS Agent Orange also held their own, usually strecthed 80'+ behind the diver.  Speed wise...they liked it fast all weekend. GPS speeds of 2.8-3.2 were the best, and even up to 3.5mph, even with the meat rigs in the water.

Sunday.....BIG CHANGES!  Same spot as Saturday, and the ball temps at 35' down went from 50.5 to 43 degrees!  The whole area near the can in less than 85' of water turned over and got COLD!  The relentless tongue() North winds had finally taken their toll. We marked very little fish, and caught only 7 yesterday morning.  Ran back into the forcasted 1 footers...except they were now 4 footers  :mad:

Overall it was one hell of a good time, and we all had to pinch ourselves a few times to belive this was the end of May/early June and we were catching limits of Kings. We also took about 5 hours worth of Video, with some good screaming drag and diver shots, as well as some shots of the waves coming over the hardtop on Saturday eve.!! It'll take me a while to go through all that though! The average size of the fish was unreal as well.  Kinda crazy to think what those fish will look like in August!!  :rock:

I hope that helps anyone out who may head down that way soon!   :beer:

A few pics of my everchanging weekend crew of kick-a** fisherman and great friends, and the carnage they caused!  Thanks guys!!  I'll never forget it!  :beer:

Off Topic / Catch and Cook Program in Michigan
« on: May 24, 2012, 02:43:09 PM »
I am sure my fellow Charter Boat Captains are as happy to see this as I am!  Sure will help the local buisness that participate gain some new customers.  Probably half the people I take out ask about being able to have their catch cooked for them at a local resturaunt.  I have always had to say no.....until now.  Now, they can take thier catch to the Portside, have a Michigan brewed beer, and a Michigan bred, super fresh Fish dinner.  :rock:

Contact: Ed Golder, DNR, 517-335-3014 or Jennifer Holton, MDARD, 517-241-2485

Catch & Cook partnership launches for Michiganders

Anglers can set out on a charter boat in the morning and enjoy their fresh catch at a restaurant in the afternoon under a new program being launched prior to Memorial Day weekend in time for the start of the summer season. Called Catch & Cook, the program brings together the best of a Michigan day ? time on the water, and time at the table with family and friends ? while supporting local economies and Michigan businesses.

Catch & Cook promotes and encourages creative, safe marketing of Michigan fish through a partnership between the charter fishing industry and local restaurants.

?This program is a wonderful opportunity to promote the the state's $3.7 billion recreational fishing industry and to boost Michigan jobs and Michigan businesses,? said Rodney Stokes, Director of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. ?The Great Lakes are a unique and extraordinary natural resource ? Michigan?s defining resource. Providing one more opportunity for people to enjoy the lakes goes to the heart of who we are as a state.?

?It creates an unforgettable experience for charter boat customers, generates new business for restaurants as it attracts new and repeat customers while promoting Michigan?s Great Lakes fishing and offering opportunities to sample high quality Michigan food products,? said Keith Creagh, Director, Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development.  ?Catch and Cook highlights all that makes us Pure Michigan. From lake to plate, consumers are experiencing the beauty of our Great Lakes and culminating it with a tasty sampling of our food and agricultural bounty. Pair fresh caught fish with a locally-grown side dish like asparagus or potatoes, and top it off with a Michigan wine or microbrew, and you have a great meal.?

Participating charter operators will assure that fish are cleaned and iced properly and provide documentation of when the catch was made. It is recommended, but not required, that charter captains complete a food handlers class to ensure the safety of participating clients.

"For charter captains Catch & Cook is a unique opportunity to enhance the charter fishing experience for customers while providing one more avenue for generating business,? said Capt. Denny Grinold, state and federal affairs officer for the Michigan Charter Boat Association. ?We're thrilled to be a part of this wonderful Michigan program."

Any licensed restaurant can participate in Catch & Cook, provided the establishment has the equipment, facilities and space to prepare and serve cooked fish. Participating restaurants must be able to meet food law requirements, such as adequate space to process fish, and have the ability to prevent cross contamination between fish and other foods. In addition, the restaurants must be able to maintain product identity and custody. Restaurants have the right to refuse to serve fish if the restaurant believes the fish has not been properly handled.

?Catch & Cook provides a unique way for Michigan's restaurants to help create awareness about the outstanding food and dining opportunities in the state,? said Brian DeBano, president of the Michigan Restaurant Association. ?The program not only allows restaurateurs to showcase their culinary skills, but they also can build relationships with local charter fishing boat operators and ultimately expand their customer base.?

The program is a partnership among the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR), the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD), Michigan State University Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, Michigan Sea Grant, Michigan Charter Boat Association and the Michigan Restaurant Association.

For more information about Catch & Cook, including lists of participating restaurants and charter boats, go to www.micatchandcook.com.

Lake Superior / Stannard Rock 5-22-12
« on: May 22, 2012, 05:52:07 PM »
Not a great day out there, but not to bad either.  We boated about 30-35 fish, with at least a dozen smaller fish(less than 5 lbs.) We ended up keeping 6 fish for the dinner table. We definatly had to work for em today though, as they were scattered all over the place, with very few spots I fished holding more than a few here and there.  About 50/50 on the spoons vs. jigs, but as always, out 3 biggest fish all came on Moonshine Spoons, including Boe-D's biggest Laker ever, a 29.5lb Hog that hit a spoon less than 5' below the surface!  My buddy George ended up catching quite a few, with the biggest being about 18-20lbs.  He lost one at the back of the boat that was easily bigger than Scotts fish, but when it went under the boat, the line hit the trim tab and broke really quick... He has the next 9 days booked on my boat so we'll see how many more trips we get out there.  120-140' was our best depths, but there were quite a few that were suspended as well.  Dead calm all morning, a slight SE chop after that really slowed the fishing down, and about 2 footers from the East for the trip home.


Classifieds/Buy/Sell / Trolling Spoons For Sale REDUCED
« on: May 06, 2012, 02:16:44 PM »
15 Standard Spoons  $30.00

18 Magnum Spoons  $40.00

17 Assorted Spoons $30.00

15 Assorted Spoons $25.00

Or $100.00 takes em all

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