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Author Topic: Michigan bill 5996 horseshit  (Read 898 times)

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Michigan bill 5996 horseshit
« on: November 04, 2016, 05:57:22 PM »

I apologize if someone posted this already, but i saw a facebook post saying this bill was introduced in reference to "assault rifle regulation act". I read one website that said this bill was effectivley killed, but just goes to show what some people want...


Here are some nuggets from this bill:
One part was that if you didn't turn in your horrible assault rifle, the state police could inspect to ensure gun was locked up "once per year".

Registration with state police, then annual registration renewals after that.
Once registered, the owner would have to update their registration every year and could only possess it in working order at shooting ranges or their own property, with the transport to and from being unloaded and in a secured container.

Brett Lewis

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Re: Michigan bill 5996 horseshit
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2016, 07:41:45 PM »

WTF...this inspection sounds the search without a warrant.
If I keep up fishing like this, my wife is going to have an intervention for me.


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Re: Michigan bill 5996 horseshit
« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2016, 08:01:41 PM »

For quite awhile now police can search without a warrant on grounds of " reasonable suspicion". Just more of our rights stripped away. If they stop you and you ask to see a warrant and have time to read it and ask any questions about warrant, which is your right, you can be arrested and charged with resisting a police officer while doing his duty. I had a family member go through this. Good ole U.S.A. eh??? Steve