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Author Topic: Suggestions for a 5yo girl who wants to start plinking? Single Shot or 10/22?  (Read 471 times)

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First off my gf and I are very safety conscious, times we’ve been out at the range by ourselves and others we’ve very hard about safety and practicing good habits, etc…  A couple young people we knew in the Iron River area over the past year died from poor safety habits and have re-enforced our attitudes about being very hard on safety and good habits.  I hope we remain so and stay out of harm’s way.  I’m at work so I can use certain words with posts.

We have a granddaughter who’s interested in starting plinking.  She’s a fairly good kid who listens and has an idea of the ramifications of what they can do if they’re not respected.  She knows not to touch them without direct adult supervision and direction at the range only, etc., etc., etc…  She’s been to the range with us and is used to the loud noises. 

I inherited an old model 67 single shot but of course I’m always looking for excuses to add to my collection and I thought maybe a 10/22 might be a good starter but I don’t know if the fact that it’s a repeater might be inviting more trouble with a young kid?

Again we watch her like a hawk when she’s plinking and try to actively manage every aspect of the situation.  The three of us only shoot by ourselves as other small kids can cause too many distractions.  I’m lazy I’d rather blast 10 or more off than just one at a time and have the option for optics.



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My daughter who is now 17 (time flies) was 5, I started her with a single shot 22 cricket with a red dot and then a single shot 17 mach 2.  I didn't let her shot a semi for some years.  Safety has to be a priority.   I worked as a certified firearms instructor for 10 years.  I placed more on safety, then accuracy than burning ammo. 
It's a great tool to teach responsibility,  and have fun.  And how can my wife be pissed when I buy a new gun...but honey it's for the family...
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A Savage Rascal would be the only gun I would look at in this case. Bolt action single shot, smaller and lighter than the other youth rifles, a very good (Accu) trigger, and a peep sight. The KSA Cricket is about the same size, but the trigger is really lacking.

 Even the youth model 10/22 is way too big for 5 YO. I bought a youth 10/22 for my nephew for Christmas a few years ago when he has 9, he's 12 now and it still fits him fine.

When she outgrows the Rascal, a youth 10/22 with a Volquartsen aftermarket trigger and a 1 shot Ruger magazine would be the perfect next rifle.
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stumbled onto a used cz bolt action when my son was a young fella.

we'd get the brick style .22 boxes and I would create different target situations from 25 yards out to 100 using scope and windage.

Never looked back, he's a great shot now.

The most important lessons though were gun safety.

Whenever I have a young group out we intermittently stop when I say "safety check."

It is truly amazing how many times the safety of a young shooters' gun are caught in the fire position.

Way more important .