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Author Topic: 2018 TTN/KOTN  (Read 408 times)

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« on: August 30, 2017, 09:54:48 AM »

As each year goes in the books we learn new things to make the next year better. That being said as of now there is a couple major changes.

-No more  KOTN Trout. As much as some people are going to be disappointed there simply isn't enough interest or boats competing in most events to keep it competitive. We were going to axe it for this year but decided to give it one more shot but this year is the final year.

2. SSFA Fall classic finishing order will be  determined by TOTAL scorable weight.  So, whether you fish dead Salmon or live your total team weight will go in a spreadsheet and the finishing order will be determined by that. There was a big difference between live and dead weight this year so this should eliminate that and make it the same format we fish throughout the year. So, to be clear you can fish live or dead but remember for TTN purposes you are all on the same playing field.

-Escanaba will be added to the trail.

-Manistique will be 2 seperate scores with your  3 biggest fish per day.

- A September TTN shootout is in the works for 2018. (3 fish, 20 points per fish, one must be a salmon.)