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Author Topic: Some info from DNR about E Bass and other lakes.  (Read 1114 times)

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Some info from DNR about E Bass and other lakes.
« on: June 28, 2010, 10:22:42 AM »

I sent an email to the DNR about changing the Pike size limit there and asked about the walleye stocking program.  This is the response.

Thanks for the note and information.  I'm aware of the pike population
in East Bass, and it is unfortunate that someone illegally stocked them
in there in the first place.  One we get done with the review of our
gear restricted trout regulations, our esocid regulations will be
reviewed next.  Management plans for each species will also be
finalized.  Thus, until the esocid review and plans are finalized, we
cannot make changes to the regulations.  However, East Bass looks to be
a good candidate for the 0 msl & 5 pike/day regulation, and I fully
expect to have this regulation at my use when the moratorium is lifted.

We are still operating under a reduced walleye stocking program due to
as yet un-answered and remaining questions due to VHS.  For the past
several years only Lake MI has received fish in my unit and no other
inland lakes, so East Bass is being treated like all the rest. 
However, progress is being made in research and disease testing, and
this is encouraging.  I am hopeful that we can include some inland
lakes in our stocking program next year and expand back into our
program.  We have to be very careful with VHS, as this is one disease
that we do not want to accidently spread to other waters or our
hatchery system.

Darren Kramer
Fisheries Biologist

Good stuff to hear.
Brad R. Little Lake