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Author Topic: Penn squall lever drag reels  (Read 971 times)

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Penn squall lever drag reels
« on: February 14, 2015, 11:45:40 AM »

Decided to try these for copper this past year.  They are a non levelwind with a lever drag.

Love the lever drag!  It is smoother than any star drag I've used and real easy to use for planer boards once setup.  First time you use it it takes a minute or 2 to adjust the drag level, then it's all good, using the lever only to change drag level from zero for deploying to full which you set originally.  And anywhere in between. 

Capacity of the 40 size is good for a 200' 45# +750' 30#powerpro backing.  I've used the 50 size for 300' rig.  You could fit a little more on these but if you don't pay close attention line will pile up on one side and imo it's better to leave a little extra room for when fighting a fish.  You can steer the line with your finger as you reel it in or even just by moving the rod from side to side.  This takes a little time to get used to and you have to be aware that you're reeling one of these in instead of a levelwind.  For this reason, probably not the best option if you will have newbies or inexperienced people reeling in fish.

Another benefit is much easier deployment with less risk of hairball since no levelwind.  Retrieve is 5.1 to 1 on the 40, 4.3 to 1 on the 50.  There's also a 60 size I haven't used.

They're a little pricey compared to the reels many great lakes guys use.  I paid 160 and 180 from fishusa and I  think there was free shipping.

Overall I really like them for copper and the plusses outweigh the negatives.