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Author Topic: The next generation of anglers  (Read 1747 times)

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The next generation of anglers
« on: August 20, 2015, 10:42:16 AM »

Hit one of my favorite smallie rivers earlier this year for a few days.  My GF had all three granddaughters with her for a couple days and a daughter and son-in-law. 

We got lucky and the fishing was on fire, I think we caught about 180+ smallies over the past three days, fishing on average 3 hours a day.  The usual 3" to 4" tubes with 1/8oz tube jig hooks did 90% of the catching.  As you will see there's not much to it when they're biting, just find some slack water, seams, some deeper holes, pockets, boulders, etc.  They did want the tubes walked really slow on the first day almost to the point of snagging.  Spinnerbaits and poppers also worked but not to the same degree but things got a little boring after a while with the tubes.

Some might cringe smallie fishing with Barbie rods but none broke off, granted you had to retie often with line abrasion. There were 4 adults here so all took time to make sure the kids were well supervised.  The adults did most of the casting but one of the 3yo girls cast and reeled and caught fish.  I set them up with 1/16oz jigs with 3" twister tails, white seem to be more productive but some fished with smaller tubes.

Here's the pics:
This girl progressed quickly with her first smallie and by the end day 2 she wanted little help.

Then she started getting bold and wanted to help hold the smallie.

By day 2 she needed little help holding and releasing the fish.

Next thing you know she's pulling a Jimmy Houston and kissing a few of the smallies.

This girl wasn't about to have to show stolen by her 3yo rival and pulled a Jimmy Houston herself.

The oldest granddaughter was the most shy about touching fish but she had to check out the teeth.
With a death grip on the Loomis, I let her reel in a few.

She never got suckered-in to holding fish and always kept a safe distance.

At the end of fishing all the girls were pretty tired.

Not all the women were excited to be fishing.  Hey we just got another double!  Damn kids with baggy pants.

A few self-serving pics:

Not the most impressive double but we must have had about 20+ over the past two days.  Sometimes you'd have five fish on five casts, it was just that fast.

A few fell to the popper. 

Some were dark and some were lighter colored on this river.

We started running out of tubes and we were few hours from the nearest store that had tubes and 1/8oz jig heads.  Never leave home without 40 tubes and jig heads, especially if you're the quasi guide.

Not a great fish but the quiet pockets on the back wall and the seam of water below my wrist gave up many fish.  The fast water was useless this time.

Even a few skinny eyes liked 4" tubes.

Another example where you have to find the slack water that'll hold fish. If you can cast to the far bank you'll tag into a few but most were in the slack water below the fish.

Funny thing is we’ve been lucky to break 5 smallies in a day or have plain old skunked over the past two months on this same stretch of river, that the way this river and fishing can be at least for me.

I’m guessing some of you might know exactly where this spot is, I ask that you kindly refrain mentioning it by name.  I know most could care less about bass fishing but this place is a small area and others like this I’ve openly talked about years ago have been hammered and just aren’t the same for numbers or quality. 

Fishing with little girls and women can be trying but sometimes you have to slow down and take one for the team.

All fish were released.


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Re: The next generation of anglers
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2015, 06:24:10 AM »

Great report, nice job with the kids  :rock:
Ray Uimari
Take Three
Marquette, MI


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Re: The next generation of anglers
« Reply #2 on: August 21, 2015, 02:32:07 PM »

Awesome job, thanks for the report.
Brett Lewis

"It's on like Bing Bong, Jack" --Uncle Si


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Re: The next generation of anglers
« Reply #3 on: August 28, 2015, 04:08:20 PM »

That first picture of you and the little girl is cover material for the annual Michigan Fishing Guide. You should seriously consider submitting it to the DNR or sharing it with some other organization. Your smiles are priceless.
Thank you for an uplifting post.