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Author Topic: 2015 SSFA Fall Classic Results  (Read 1034 times)

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2015 SSFA Fall Classic Results
« on: August 30, 2015, 11:20:28 PM »

I'd like to thank everyone who joined us for this year's tournament and especially those who helped us put it together and run the event.  The fall tournament is run by the Fall Tournament Committee and other volunteers who put in a lot of time and effort and they do their best to make it as great and smooth as it can be.  I'm sure most, if not all of the volunteers, would love to be fishing the event themselves. Thank you Ross Anthony - Tournament Committee Chairman, Dan Bianchi - Tournament Vice Chairman, Brad Muscoe - Committee Member, Angela Paquette - Committee Member, Casey Tallio - Committee Member, Barb Harris - Shore Crew, April Koski - Shore Crew, Dan Cook - Shore Crew/MC, and Fred Govern - Shore Crew. 

I'd also like to send a huge thank you to all of our Corporate Sponsors who provide us with the means to hold these events.  Special thanks to the Elks of Marquette who allow us to use their facility on a weekly basis to hold our committee meetings (both Vets Committee and Tournament Committee meetings).  I was told that the Elks received a ton of fish from everyone who donated their catches, thank you, they will put it to good use for the Vets!  Thank you Steve Sanderson, Jonas Clark, Chad Kauppila, and anyone else who volunteered their time to clean the fish for the

We had 10 more boats take part in this year's event than last year, so things were looking up at the captain's meeting on Friday night.  We had some great prizes at the meeting and some fun with an impromptu prize category.  I want to thank Ryan Erickson for coming with the idea of a new prize category; $100 for the first legal live release fish, and also Dan Cook for matching him giving us two first fish live release categories.  Cool idea guys, thank you, and congrats to Ross Anthony (first live trout release) and Nate Kudwa (first live salmon release). As fisherman we are used to expecting the unexpected, this year's tournament was no different.  The morning started out with what seemed like some hurricane force west winds that Sailflow and NOAA never predicted, that blow definitely made things awfully interesting to start the day.  However, the winds died with sun up and the day ended with sunshine and calm water, a nice change for once; and on the bright side at least it wasn't snowing! 

The silver fish seemed to be even more elusive than usual and they gave the slip to many a good fisherman.  Personally, I attribute it to the warm water we are seeing everywhere from the skinny water along shore to depths exceeding 125 fow miles off shore.  Nonetheless, there were a few crews that managed to pull in some silver, congrats Joe Hanson - Chasin Tail (1st Place Catch and Keep Salmon) and Tom Florek - Boats n Flo's (1st Place Live Release Salmon).  As expected, the lake trout seemed to be plentiful and there were some really nice catches of trout again this year. Like clockwork, a couple of fish whisperers showed us how to put lakers in the boat, nice work Tuner Johnson - Broads n Rods (1st Place Live Release Trout) and Dave Lehtomaki - Reel Screamers (1st Place Catch and Keep trout).  Biggest salmon and trout went to Jim Kelly - Hurricane Season (23.06 lb laker) and Don Bianchi - Slay n Fillet (5.45 lb salmon) Congrats to all the winners who placed in the top five places!  Top five teams in each category are listed below and the full rosters for each category can be downloaded as PDFs below.

Again, thank you to everyone who helped, fished, volunteered, donated, or just came out to watch!  I sincerely hope we will see you again next fall (or spring).