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Author Topic: A few simple presentations or tips for walleye fishing?  (Read 1198 times)

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A few simple presentations or tips for walleye fishing?
« on: June 08, 2016, 09:54:19 PM »


I’m thinking of trying my hand at walleye fishing this on a few rivers and lakes and I’d get your take on a few simple presentations or tips for walleye fishing. Just a few limitations I’d like to mention to limit the scope of this challenge, hopefully they’re not huge show stoppers but let me know if I should reconsider things:

*I won’t be using a fish finder, but I will be using Navionics lake map app where I can get a cell signal and a GPS for trolling speed. I might use my Vex flasher unit if I really need to know a depth for stationary fishing or identifying drop-offs/weed lines.
*I won’t be using downriggers, planer boards, counter reels or sinking lines.

Here’s a few lures or concepts that come to mind but correct me if I’m wrong or if you have better suggestions:

*Jig and minnow/leach/crawler/grubs for working river eddies/seams or work around islands or lake rock humps? I also hear good things about any Gulp Alive plastics for walleye as a substitute?
*Floating jig heads with various live bait mentioned above with a split shot trolled around various lake structure?
*Trolling jerks baits (floating Rapalas, Wally Divers, Rogues, etc.), crawler harness, Lindy rigs at 1.5 to 2.5 mph?
*I hear folks slip bobber for them but I don’t know when/where it’s appropriate to switch to bobber fishing.
*When to fish super early in the morning, evening or late at night or overcast/windy days?

Just a casual observation but it seems like with walleye fishing, folks sometimes use a lot more bright aggressive color patterns both from jigs, harnesses to cranks? When is it appropriate to use leaches, I hear that’s more of a mid-summer bait? Any type of specific cover or structure to look for while chasing down walleye on a lake?

I plan on using my bass spinning rods for most of this fishing, I’m not looking to get a bunch more rods just some simple bank fishing or fishing from canoe/rowboat with trolling motor.

I caught 3 like this a couple weekends ago while 'bass fishing' with bass lures on a few rivers and now I'd like to know how to catch them.


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Re: A few simple presentations or tips for walleye fishing?
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2016, 06:56:47 AM »

Can't address all your questions but here are a few things I've found useful.  Leeches are a great bait early summer right through early fall.  I've used them on light jigs, but have my best luck Lindy rigging and slowly drifting across flats adjacent to deep water.  (1.0 to 1.5 mph)

Underwater structures are a great place to jig, as are steep drop offs.  I prefer a Gulp minnow or Power Bait with a paddle tail.  Casting and popping jigs works well along weed and shore lines.  Best thing is to get out there and try different methods and see what works for you.  (That is, if you can actually find walleye on an inland lake.)

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